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10 Different types of high quality Fabric from Nature you should know


What is natural fabric? These are fabrics made from natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk, and tencel… These fabrics are often produced from natural fibers obtained from plants or animals, and they often have Good absorbency and breathability, considered environmentally friendly fabrics compared to fabrics from artificial materials.

Nowadays, consumers are increasingly putting higher demands on the quality and origin of the products they use, especially in the field of fashion. With this trend, natural fabrics are becoming a popular choice for those who want to own high quality and environmentally friendly products. In fact, there are many natural fabrics that not only bring comfort but also have high durability and aesthetics.

Here are 10 natural fabrics that you may not know, let’s explore their origins and uses:

1. Bamboo Fiber Fabric

Bamboo fiber fabric is a product made from natural bamboo fiber, derived from the bamboo tree. The special feature of this fabric is its ability to absorb sweat well and be breathable, helping the body stay cool and dry in the hot summer. In addition, contrary to the name “bamboo fiber” which sounds rough and rough, bamboo fiber fabric is very soft and gentle, creating a comfortable feeling when in contact with the skin.

Another notable point of bamboo fiber fabric is its ability to be environmentally friendly. Bamboo plants grow quickly and do not require many natural resources, helping to minimize negative impacts on the environment. Therefore, using bamboo fabric is not only a stylish choice but also an effective environmental protection measure.

2. Coffee Fabric

The coffee fabric is made from recycled coffee husks and polyester fibers. This is an innovative combination of utilizing recycled materials and producing high-quality fabrics. This fabric has UV protection and the ability to deodorize coffee, helping you always feel comfortable and confident when wearing it in all situations.

Not only that, coffee fabric is also highly durable and easy to maintain, making it the perfect choice for fashion products. With its sustainability and unique aesthetics, coffee fabric is becoming a popular trend. in the fashion and decoration industry, while contributing to environmental protection through recycling of raw materials.

3. Silk

Silk is considered one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. Silk fiber products are harvested from silkworms, through a special care and production process. Thanks to the special structure of silk fibers, silk fabric has the ability to evaporate moisture and retain heat well, suitable for all seasons of the year.

The sweat absorption and breathability of silk fabric also helps the wearer always feel comfortable and at ease. With soft and smooth silk fibers, silk is the perfect choice for luxurious outfits respect and class.

4. Linen

Linen is a natural fabric made from flax, a fiber derived from the flax plant, a plant that people grow primarily for its seeds and fibers. With its breathable and sweat-absorbing properties, linen is an ideal choice for fashion products, especially in tropical environments.

In addition, growing flax also contributes to environmental protection, because flax can grow vigorously without using a lot of chemicals or water. This makes linen an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice in production and use.

5. Sheep’s Wool Fabric

Wool yarn from sheep’s wool is a high-quality product, soft and keeps warm well. Clothes and accessories made from wool fabric are popular in fall and winter.

The combination of wool and fleece creates a fabric with elasticity, high durability and good warmth retention. The insulation of fleece fabric helps keep the body warm on cold days, while remaining breathable and comfortable.

6. Cotton

Cotton fabric is made from natural cotton fibers, which is an easy to find and extremely rich source of raw materials. This not only ensures a stable supply, but also helps minimize the negative impact on the environment compared to synthetic fabrics.

Cotton fabric is a popular and popular fabric worldwide with many outstanding advantages. The popularity of cotton fabric comes not only from the softness and comfort it brings, but also from its versatility and environmental friendliness.

7. Cashmere Fabric

Cashmere is a fabric made from wool fibers harvested from the hair of Cashmere goats – a breed of goat that lives in the highland highlands of Asia. Cashmere fabric is not only a fashion product but also a symbol of style and sophistication.

Each Cashmere yarn is unique and precious, selected and processed by hand with exquisite techniques. This creates Cashmere fabric products with outstanding smoothness and softness, bringing a feeling of comfort and warmth to the wearer, and also has good warmth retention and breathability, suitable for the whole winter. cold and chilly autumn

8. Lotus Silk Fabric

Lotus silk is made from silk fibers extracted from lotus silk, a plant commonly grown in some warm areas such as Asia.

Lotus silk fabric is extremely soft and smooth, creating a soothing and comfortable feeling when in contact with the skin. The heat insulation and sweat absorption ability of lotus silk fabric are also outstanding advantages, helping the wearer always feel comfortable and cool in all weather conditions.

9. Terry Cloth

Crimp fabric is a high-quality fabric made from natural terry cloth, famous for its durability and good wrinkle resistance. The uniqueness of terry cloth lies not only in its natural beauty and natural colors, but also in its flexibility and diversity in design.

The outstanding difference of terry fabric compared to other fabrics is its effective anti-wrinkle ability, helping to preserve the shape and beauty of the product for a long time.

10. Shahtoosh Wool Fabric 

Shahtoosh wool fabric is a fabric from the fur of an antelope called Chiru (Pantholops hodgsonii), an animal that lives in the highlands of Southwest China, India, Pakistan and Nepal.

Shahtoosh wool fabric is very soft, light, and warm. It is often used to make clothing items such as scarves, sweaters, and accessories.

Enjoy luxury and comfort with these premium natural fabrics, bringing a feeling of confidence and comfort to the wearer. Explore more and choose products that reflect your personal style and values!

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