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How to Wash and Preserve T-Shirts So They Stay as Beautiful as New

How to Wash and Preserve T-Shirts So They Stay as Beautiful as New

Preserving t-shirts is essential to keeping them looking their best. Vishimex shares some tips on how to preserve t-shirts below.

Washing T-shirts

When you first buy a t-shirt, determine whether it is a plain white t-shirt, a colored t-shirt, or a t-shirt with a pattern. Do not rush to wash t-shirt immediately. This is something that many people do wrong. The reason why you should not wash it right away is because when the new shirt leaves the factory, the printing ink is often not completely dry. If you wash it right away, the ink will become blurred and smudged, and the color can spread to other clothes. You should leave the shirt for about a week before washing it.

Also, do not use water that is too hot, greater than 40 degrees Celsius, because it can cause the fabric to crumble and damage the shirt. You should only use mild detergents and absolutely do not use bleach on colored shirts.

To best preserve the color of your shirt, mix 5-6 drops of vinegar with a little salt, or you can replace it with a little green tea (but green tea should not be used on white shirts). Soak the shirt in the mixture for an hour and your t-shirt will have a long-lasting color.

Washing for the first time

When washing a t-shirt for the first time, seven days after the date of purchase, do not wash the shirt with detergent solutions, soap, or fabric softener. Additionally, do not wash it with colored clothes, especially dark-colored clothes. You should wash the t-shirt by hand the first time. This will help to prevent the t-shirt from stretching. However, if you want to wash it in a washing machine, turn the shirt inside out to avoid damaging the prints.

After washing, do not wring the t-shirt. If you do wring it, do not wring it too tightly, as this can cause the fabric to stretch and the print to peel off. You should not iron directly on the shirt, because the heat can cause the color to fade and damage the print.

Do not use too much bleach

Many people use bleach on white shirts. Bleach contains chlorine to bleach the shirt most effectively. However, if too much bleach is used, it will damage the white shirt, because the material of the white shirt is fragile. If too much detergent is used, the shirt will wear out and the fabric quality will decrease significantly. This is also the reason why t-shirts become wrinkled.

Another important thing to note is that using too much bleach can affect your health if the shirt is not washed thoroughly. Even though the smell has gone away, the residue still remains. When inhaled, it can cause poisoning and affect your health. You should not soak your shirt for too long and need to wash off the bleach.

With white t-shirts that have stains, you should use safe ingredients such as lemon juice, baking soda, or a few other ingredients. If you cannot remove the stains with these ingredients, then use bleach.

Store and dry t-shirts properly

Do not leave the shirt in damp places. With the hygroscopic nature of cotton fabric, t-shirts can easily become moldy and even have yellow stains. After wearing the shirt or exercising and sweating a lot, you should wash it immediately or soak it in clean water.

Do not dry clothes in direct sunlight. Under the influence of temperature, t-shirts can become stiff and quickly fade, leading to poor longevity. T-shirts will last longer if dried in light sunlight, cool weather, or on the porch.

Hang t-shirts without stretching

Improper drying of the shirt can lead to the shirt melting and losing its original shape. When drying or hanging t-shirts, they should be hung horizontally so that the length of the shirt does not sag. As for printed t-shirts, do not fold the printed sides together when hanging to dry or when folding to avoid sticking and color fading.

When drying, thread the hook from the bottom of the shirt to the neck. Do not hang from the collar to avoid stretching the shirt, making the neck and shoulder area wider.

The above are some ways to preserve t-shirts that you should apply to keep your shirt always beautiful and durable. Vishimex hopes you will always have beautiful, durable outfits and be more confident every time you go out.

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