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New fever in men’s fashion

Shorts & boots combo: New fever in men's fashion

Men’s fashion has brought a new craze when combining shorts and boots, two items combined together create an interesting style.

Undeniably, since shorts and boots combined on the runway have created a comfortable, flexible style and brought convenience to any man. Boots have many different types such as Chelsea boots, Chukka boots, or office boots. This is one of the types of boots that men can easily renew for their fashion style.

Origin of style

The origin of the shorts and boots is unknown; we only know that they originated in the military. Men’s shorts were used by the Indian army, then the British colonialists copied them in the 1800s. During World War I and II, shorts and boots were also spread among the army and thrived in Africa.

Entering 1940, this new fashion style really created a trend with men wearing shorts and boots at the pub in Log Lodge – Dallas. The true pioneer of this style comes from the West, a famous general who pioneered this unique combination of men’s fashion styles. He created an outfit consisting of shorts and ankle boots. At the same time, turning it into one of the classic ways of dressing for the upper class.

New fashion trends

Recently, the men’s fashion trend of combining shorts and boots has appeared many times on catwalks and red carpets. This style is also well received and enjoyed by many boys. This style is quite unique and strange, this combination also shows boldness.

This is not a new style, but thanks to the active promotion of idols on the red carpet, this style has gradually become hot again, quickly becoming a new trend in the men’s fashion industry.

Why are shorts and boots so popular?

Create an outstanding personal style

Although it is a new style, recently this combination is receiving a lot of praise from the men’s fashion world. This combined style has brought a unique quality, creating a highlight and attracting many people. This is also a way to express each person’s personal fashion taste.

Flexible and diverse combinations

This men’s combo brings flexibility in combining outfits. Boots and pants come in many different designs. Men’s shorts also come in a variety of designs from plain to patterned. Individuals can easily combine many different styles without getting bored. In addition, shirts and other accessories are also indispensable items when combined.

Suitable for many situations

This is a combo that is extremely easy to coordinate and can be worn for all different situations. He can wear shorts and boots when going for walks, meeting friends, traveling, or participating in fashion events. With this set of clothes, it will help you stand out more.

Demonstrate confidence and creative spirit

In particular, this impressive set of clothes also gives the wearer more confidence and creativity in dressing style, helping him feel comfortable and express his own style.

Style combined with shorts and boots

Casual style

With this style, men can easily combine denim shorts with a simple t-shirt and classic leather boots. A casual style, suitable for daily activities.

Sports style

A pair of sports shorts, tank top or t-shirt combined with sports mesh boots. A very unique and dynamic style, very suitable for physical activities.

Streetwear style

This look will pair striped or printed shorts with a hoodie or bomber and classic leather boots. This style brings a stylish and extremely unconventional street fashion look, giving him a very cool set of clothes.

Perry mix style

With this style you can combine chinos or khaki shorts with a shirt and Chelsea boots. It will bring elegance and youthfulness, suitable for everyday occasions or meeting friends.

Bohemian style

Using soft fabric shorts or light denim with a sweater or floral shirt and pointy boots will create a free, romantic look that is suitable for light events. Surely guys who love gentleness will love this style.

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