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Outdoor Safari Fashion: Becoming a Major Trend Thanks to Hollywood

Outdoor Safari Fashion: Becoming a Major Trend Thanks to Hollywood

Safari fashion has been gaining significant traction in recent times, and as its name suggests, it was originally designed for long outdoor expeditions.

What is Safari Fashion?

Safari fashion is an outdoor fashion trend characterized by earthy tones, primarily beige and military green, combined with lush jungle patterns. It utilizes materials suitable for hot climates, such as cotton and linen, creating a new fashion style that exudes a sense of wilderness and nature.

Thanks to Hollywood movies, actors have successfully popularized the rugged charm of Safari fashion. Now, outdoor fashion has become more mainstream. Beyond earthy tones that blend seamlessly with nature, designers have cleverly incorporated animal prints such as leopard, crocodile, and snake, creating distinctive patterns that appeal to fashion enthusiasts of all tastes, even the most discerning.

The Origins of Safari Fashion

Safari fashion traces its roots back to the 19th century when European explorers embarked on extensive expeditions across the African continent to study the lives of indigenous people. It was during this time that the term “Safari” was officially coined.

The harsh natural conditions of Africa presented a challenge for European travelers, prompting them to reconsider their wardrobes before embarking on adventurous journeys. Under the scorching sun, clothing needed to be comfortable, made of natural materials, breathable, and equipped with plenty of spacious pockets, allowing adventurers to carry all their essentials.

In the mid-20th century, practical clothing made from cotton and linen began to capture the attention of renowned high-fashion designers. Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), a fashion icon, introduced Safari style in his latest collection. From that point on, Safari fashion became popular not only for outdoor adventures but also for everyday wear.

Over time, Safari fashion has evolved, offering a wider variety of styles, colors, and designs that are more wearer-friendly. Many designers have transformed what were once solely hunting outfits into trendy streetwear.

Distinctive Features that Define the Unique Style

Safari fashion embodies simplicity and practicality with a sporty and somewhat military edge. Clothing in the Safari style is exclusively made from natural fabrics like cotton, linen, suede, and leather.

The color palette predominantly consists of shades reminiscent of the African desert, including various browns, earthy tones, burnt orange, and pure white. These colors make Safari fashion versatile, suitable for various occasions beyond outdoor adventures. Prints on Safari clothing mostly revolve around images of wildlife and wilderness, featuring desert landscapes, horses, leopards, lions, and giraffes.

Safari-style garments are always tailored for comfort and unrestricted movement, ensuring wearers not only feel comfortable during travel but also in high-temperature areas.

Accessories in Safari fashion are simple and practical, including spacious bags with multiple compartments, comfortable and sturdy shoes, and high-stability features like buckles, heavy-duty zippers, and lightweight scarves.

Fashion Suggestions for Men in the Safari Style

– Safari Shirts:

Safari fashion for men often starts with shirts, which add a distinctive touch to the style. These shirts are typically made from cotton or linen, giving wearers a youthful and timeless appearance.

– Khaki Pants:

A pair of khaki pants enhances the rugged charm of a Safari outfit. These pants usually come in darker shades to complement the shirt, combining classic colors like dark brown and deep green to create eye-catching contrasts in your outfit. Khaki pants are equipped with numerous pockets, ensuring comfort for extended wear.

– Vest-Style Jackets:

Most Safari-style jackets are designed as vests with multiple exterior pockets. These jackets are often water-resistant and feature concealed inner pockets for added convenience.

– Sheepskin Coats for Winter:

In colder seasons, lovers of Safari fashion should invest in sheepskin coats. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also provide an authentic “hunter” look.

– Cargo Shorts:

To add a touch of allure to your Safari style, consider wearing spacious cargo shorts. They are practical, cool, and offer plenty of utility. The simple yet robust stitching ensures comfort during use.

Embracing Safari fashion allows individuals to tap into a blend of simplicity, practicality, and rugged elegance, making it suitable for various occasions, from outdoor adventures to urban escapades.

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