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The difference between sportswear and activewear

The difference between sportswear and activewear

When it comes to clothing designed for athletic activities, the terms “activewear” and “athletic wear” are often used interchangeably. However, these are two distinct types of clothing with important differences.


In recent years, designers have emphasized clothing that is minimalist, comfortable, and highly practical. Dressing well is no longer limited to elaborate outfits, but is reflected in the ability to combine clothes to create a neat and versatile look.

The changing fashion industry has allowed people to express their personal style anywhere, whether on the runway, on the street, or in the gym. This sports fashion trend is changing social conventions about what it means to dress well, especially for young people who love sports and value freedom, movement, and comfort.

Activewear is made from thin, light, breathable, sweat-wicking, and odor-resistant materials such as spandex, Coolmax, and polyester. This ensures that the wearer stays cool, dry, and comfortable during physical activity. Popular items of activewear include sports bras, tank tops, shorts, hoodies, and T-shirts. People who enjoy spending time outdoors and leading an active lifestyle often prefer this type of clothing for its convenience.

In addition to being stylish and comfortable, activewear also promotes health and well-being. It can help people stay motivated to exercise and improve their physical fitness. Activewear is also versatile enough to be worn for other activities, such as running errands or going to the movies.


Sportswear is clothing, shoes, and accessories that are specifically designed for athletic purposes. It has certain functions, such as thermal properties, comfort, durability, and fabric weight, that are tailored to specific sports.

For example, swimming apparel is made from waterproof materials and often includes lycra or spandex to stretch the body. It may also have heat-retention properties to keep the wearer warm in cold conditions. Sportswear for other activities, such as running or cycling, may be made from different materials and have different features.

Unlike activewear, sportswear is not typically designed with fashion in mind. Instead, it focuses on form and function to meet the needs of high-intensity training. The specific style and materials of sportswear will vary depending on the sport. For example, a basketball player will need different clothing than a swimmer.

In general, sportswear is less versatile than activewear and is not as suitable for everyday wear. It is typically only worn at the gym or on the field.


Activewear and sportswear are both designed for athletic activities, but they have different purposes and features. Activewear is more versatile and can be worn for a variety of activities, while sportswear is specifically designed for high-intensity training. The best type of clothing for you will depend on your individual needs and activities.

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