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Top 5 fabrics to keep warm in winter

Top 5 effective fabrics to keep warm in winter

Cold weather is the ideal condition to transform your style when your outfit is supplemented with jackets, giving you more variety in your options than on hot summer days. Besides patterns and designs, fabric materials are also factors that need special attention.

1. Wool fabrics

Wool fabrics is the most popular warming material for the cold season and women are very fond of wearing clothes made from wool. Warm wool material with many patterns and colors. In particular, it is very easy to coordinate, very suitable for women who like youthful and dynamic Korean style.

Wool is a fabric derived from the hair of animals such as sheep, goats, camels, etc. To produce wool, people spin animal hairs together and braid them into a thread. The diameter of the wool fiber is the most important factor determining quality and price.

Wool fabric has the ability to insulate and keep warm well in cold climates. The fabric is quite light and soft and usually does not wrinkle. In addition, the fabric also has good stretch and elasticity, making it very durable.

2. Velvet fabrics

Associated with symbols of luxury and power, velvet fabric brings a feeling of shine but is not ostentatious and somewhat classic. Besides its beauty and elegance, it is also known as a high-quality winter warming fabric. This is a hand-woven fabric, extremely soft and silky.

After a period of absence due to a bit of aging, velvet has now returned. A material that keeps you warm but is still beautiful, but the wearer needs to know how to coordinate clothes delicately and skillfully, to create a winter outfit that is both classic and luxurious.

Velvet fabric makes the wearer look more polite and elegant because the velvet is smooth, soft, and captures light well. However, velvet fabric is a bit heavy compared to some other outfits, easily collects dust, and is difficult to maintain.

3. Knitting fabrics

Knitted fabrics often appear in modern coats. Knitted fabric has good warming properties and is not picky about the wearer. This is a material that keeps warm but brings comfort to the wearer, helping women look luxurious and polite.

This type of fabric is made up of looped threads linked together according to a certain rule. The loop structure helps the knitted fabric to be elastic and soft but can retain heat well.

The surface of knitted fabric is soft, retains heat well but is breathable, and is often used to make winter coats, hats, and scarves. Knitted fabric has a beautiful shape and is less likely to wrinkle. However, the circular ring structure makes the fabric easily fall, revealing gaps after a period of use.

4. Fur fabrics

The strength of this material is its high warmth-keeping properties, bringing luxury and nobility to women. There are two popular types of fur fabric on the market today: fur fabric and feather fabric, divided by material.

Artificial fur fabric is soft, environmentally and user-friendly. Easy to wash by hand without the need to be meticulous like natural fur fabric and comes in many colors and at an affordable price.

Down fabric is made from the soft down of waterfowl, mainly ducks and geese. This type of fabric usually has two main colors: white and silver gray due to a complex processing process. Heat retention ability is 10 times higher than conventional materials. Feather fabric is safe and skin-friendly. However, because raw materials are scarce, the price of down jackets is quite high.

5. Leather fabrics

If the fabrics above show the elegance and nobility of the wearer, leather is different. Leather is a warm material that is easy to change and coordinate, especially leather jackets. This is also a must-have item for women. In your wardrobe, if you have a dinner jacket to wear a gentle, noble, and polite style, then a leather jacket will help you completely change your style to personality and dynamism.

For boys, winter colors are indispensable for super cool and extremely warm coats. This is a familiar winter warm fabric, durable, beautiful, and very diverse. Currently, leather fabric can be divided into four popular types: genuine leather, fish leather, suede, and imitation leather.

These are the top 5 effective fabrics to keep warm in winter. When choosing clothes for the winter, you should consider the fabric in addition to the pattern and design to ensure that you are both warm and stylish.

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